Monday, June 25, 2007

now and then

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Listening: 周华健 - 江湖笑
Watching: Devil May Cry Episode 1
Random Quote: Forget about the impossible and throw reason away!! - Kamina, Gurren Lagann

THEN (2002)
1. How old were you 5 years ago?

2. Where did you go to school?
Presbyterian High School

3. Where did you work?
School ; ___ ;

4. Where did you live?

5. Where did you hang out?

6. Did you wear glasses?

7. Who were your best friends?
At Sec 2, didn't have any.

8. Who was your crush?
None? Or maybe I am lying.

9. How many tattoos did you have?
Do bruises count? =DD

10. How many piercings did you have?
2, 1 for each ear.

11. What car did you drive?
Underaged. >.<

12. Had you had your heart broken?
Emo until kena broken, I think? I don't remember my Sec 2 self a lot.

13. Single/Taken/Married/Divorced?
Single (duh)

NOW (2007)
1. How old are you?

2. Where do you work?
School (still). Freelancing once a while? =PP

3. Where do you live?
Woodlands, and camping in school once a while (especially during my FYPJ next term).

4. Do you wear glasses?
Yeps, but I wear contacts once a while.

5. Who are your best friends?
CJ, Joan, Lychee, Hamster, Amirah, Yong Ming, Joyce. Mark, Paso and Anti, if I am allowed to include online friends (← computer addict)

6. Do you talk to your old friends?
Yeps, randomly when I feel like.

7. How many piercings do you have?
*points to "then"*

8. How many tattoos do u have?
*points to "then"*

9. What kind of car do you have?
*points to "then"*

10. Has your heart been broken?
Nope =3 Too dense for anything to break it, heh.

11. Single/Taken/Married/Divorced/Bitter:
Single, and waiting for a right Dragon Knight of God to appear. >.<

Saturday, June 23, 2007

blue wizard?

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I fell sick yesterday, and thus didn't go for CGO that day. Rawr. It was the last day too. I wanted to hear Polygon Pictures talk!!

Anyway, that's not what I am here for. This is:

Take the Magic: The Gathering 'What Color Are You?' Quiz.

Ahahahaha that's true. Even if it's not how I act like. No wonder why TypeLogic describes me as "Introverted Thinking" and "Extroverted Feeling". Ahh, by the way, anyone interested can take the Jung Typology Test.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

i met 3 gods today

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Listening: Within Temptation - Angels
Reading: CG Overdrive 07 Show Directory

Square Enix Co. Ltd.
Hashimoto Shinji - Corporate Executive (Producer of FF7AC)
Nozue Takeshi - Co-director (CG Director, Co-director of FF7AC)
Kuroda Toyokata - Supervising Technical Director (Body setup, Cloth simulation for FF7AC)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

And the cute thing is, they were so human lor. Wearing white T-shirt, black polo tees, jeans, white skull caps. Setting up their own booth, sticking up their posters on the booth with double-sided tape, sticking wrong, peeling it off, grumbling when they tore it a little. Drinking coke from vending machines, asking for packet green teas. So unlike all those stars who 走路有风, they don't need bodyguards, they thank you when you ask them for their signatures, they smile and laugh with you... they're like, so completely human.

And they look thinner in real life than in their photographs. Nozue-sama looks like he hasn't eaten for months. ._.

I met Stanley Lau too. He's so friendly!! And really tall. Siyin thinks he is handsome. We were looking at the imagine prime artbook (S$70), and he came and chat with us. And later at the end of the day, he waved at us and said goodbye!! So nice of him. XDD

Saru is thinking of Polygon Pictures. They are looking for Character Modelers who can Maya. Imagine, work in Japan, earn yen, change back to SGD, woot. Need to work on demo reel!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

so i have been told i look like anime

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Listening: The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Face down (acoustic)
Watching: Gurren Lagann Episode 11

I drew this as self-caricature, anime-style, and I have been told it looks like me. Do I look that pretty/freaky?

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Blehhh my painting deteriorated. Ugly.

I like the b/w version better.
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Yes I do assignments until bored.

Friday, June 08, 2007

i am tired

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Listening: SFA - Rising Sun

Bubeek came back from Europe. She liked the new blogskin I made for her.

I did my drawing with pen.

I don't feel like doing matte anymore. My eyes are going to bleed. I don't care, i'll just hand it in on Monday.

I have some lame crap game intro concept for my MG. Am using NNK's RP story.

Some lame crap lousy drawing. Screwy perspective, screwy pose, etcetera. According to Pictor, she has "hollow eyes that pierce your entire being... and stare into your soul... bearing holes into you..." =___=
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Monday, June 04, 2007

introducing: my kids~ ^ ^

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Listening: m-flo loves MONKEY MAJIK - Picture Perfect Love

I think I took care of them long enough, until I begin to think of them as my kids. I know Mum doesn't think that way. But anyway, I do. ^ ^

I know Mum told me not to mention the kid's names on my blog, but I don't like not referring to people by their names. So BWWAAA. Heck care.

Introduction then. We have 7 kids altogether, three with Autism, two with Intellectual Disability (Global Delay) and two with Down's Syndrome.

Bryan - 7 - Down's Syndrome
- My "favourite" na. =3 He hugs me a lot. He's quite cute and very spoilt. I concede defeat when it comes to him. (Yes, I just admitted that I am cute and spoilt.

Desirel - 10 - Global Delay
- Another of my "favourite" bwaha. She pulls my hair a lot. But she's pretty obedient otherwise. ^ ^

Ezekiel - 6 - Autism
- The amazing biter. But he's small, so he's easy to carry about. Justine always starts chanting "shi shi" when I carry him. Because once last time, when I carried him, then put him down, and then the next second, his pants became wet. O___O Omg, I almost kena lor!! Scary.

Wei Wei - 9? - Global Delay
- His name is Shao Wei, but he has a lot of other names. I call him "Wei Wei" (he calls himself that too), Eric calls him "Fatty-fatty" (mwahahaha he is Eric's "favourite" >.<), and Yin Lei calls him "Xiao Shuai". No, seriously, he has a nice looking face. His stomach though, is BIG. So when he runs, it is hilarious to look at.

Jonathan - 8? - Autism
- He loves drumming on things. He runs a lot too. Wait, actually, everyone runs a lot. He is one of Galvin's "favourite". =PP

Joshua - 10? - Autism
- Another of Galvin's "favourite". His English is good. None of them talks a lot, but when Joshua does talk, his grammar and pronounciation is flawless. It's funny when he says goodbye to people, because he doesn't talk to them, but rather reads their nametags. So he would take Galvin's nametag and say to it "GoodbyeUncleGalvinWidjaja". Ahahahahaha.

Joseph - 7? - Down's Syndrome
- A really small sized boy. He seems to be Bryan's best friend. Bryan absolutely loves him.

Today, there a few new things that happened. The day started off with Mum and I going into Omega3. And we found Bryan clinging like a leech to the levite who was holding the door open for the first service children to go out, and the second service children to come in. When we came, the she was like "Ahh, thank you..." (Poor her.) Bryan saw me and started squealing in joy and ran to hug me. Aww. Moments like these makes me feel that my being alive actually had a purpose.

Some time later, Joseph came. He was a boy that hadn't been around for like quite a few months, so his sudden appearance was a surprise. Bryan hugged him and refused to leave his side for the entire of worship. And like, wow, this is the first time I've seen Bryan actually participating during worship, jumping and dancing with the other neurotypical children. He was like holding Joseph's hand and making Joseph dance along with him. So cute lar.

And, for some reason or another, I have no idea, but I ended up with Joshua for worship. O___O (Usually Galvin or Eric takes him, because he's older and needs a lot of strength.) Strangely, I found it easier than expected. Maybe I grew stronger. I held Joshua in front of me, both of us standing. And he is like sitting on my lap, and his hands (I have to hold them or he would bite his hands) were pulling at mine. Basically, his full body weight was almost on my legs and arms. Weeeeee, good training.

For reason unknown once more, I had Jonathan for circle time (it's our teaching session, but it's kinda impossible to actually do any teaching with them). He kept running all over, and I kept giving chase. >.< He can't even hold a pencil properly, unlike the other children, so I really had to hold his hand and force him to do everything, from colouring to sticker-pasting to puzzle-fixing.

Finally, we went back to Omega3 (circle time is in Omega2). Am I saw a scene which was so cute and sweet and gay (oh crap too much influence from yaoi fangirls and crazy FY schoolmates). Hmm, let's see, Joseph was sitting on the floor, and Bryan knelt down in front of him, and held Joseph's head with his hands, and put his face really close to his, and started to talk to him. It was really sweet. Innocent childhood na. If it were not for the fact that it appears one-sided at times: Joseph doesn't really respond. It is funny, how Bryan somehow knows that they are similar, and has chosen Joseph to be his best friend. SO CUTE~

As usual, while waiting for their parents to come and collect them, all the kids, neurotypical or not, happily ran wild about. (And as usual, my hair got pulled by Desirel.) Wei Wei started peeling off the masking tape markings on the floor, and a lot of other kids followed suit.

There was this kindergarten girl who managed to pull off a long stretch masking tape and had rolled it up to make a ball. She said hello to me, so I played with her, throwing the ball to her, and her throwing back. She's really adorable. I am not sure why, but at that moment, I felt something: I realised how different a neurotypical child is from those who are kids. She responds when you call her. She laughs at her mistakes (when she throws the ball off course). She can tell distance. She knows what her strength is. She talks. She comments on my actions. I don't know what I should feel, but I just sensed the gap there. Sad, I suppose? No, it shouldn't be that way. What...?

Yay end.

PS: Same as below. *copies and pastes* I only posted now, because I saved it as draft and was lazy to edit until now.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

New comp yay

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Listening: Youth Alive - Can't live a day
Watching: Darker than Black Episode 09

One day, one glorious day,
I'll sing your praises in the presences of angels.
Until that glorious day,
I give my life to you.

Saru is dead tired. So here's a brief recap.

Friday, Late Morning - Lunch
I had lunch with Joan and Meiyun and Joyce and Xueqi. I haven't talked a load of crap with the former three for such a looong time, due to their IAP, and it was fun being with them again. They're still in their usual, extremely horny and high state, and always treating me like a little girl still. -.- I enjoyed their company though.

Friday, Afternoon - Drawing
WE HAD A HOT FEMALE MODEL!! Yesh, for once, a girl model. She has a very good figure, mwaha.

Friday, Evening - Youth Alive RADICAL CONFERENCE 07
It was fun!! I went with Yining to his church. I have never before been so appreciative of Max Pavilion. Their auditorium is as small as Omega3, the Timothy Club room. But their church, being small, are a bunch of really warm people. They have a homely feeling to it, kinda different from FCBC. (I still love my kids though.) If they were to go by the phrases that our church has (Go Deep, Look Far, Ask Big), they are probably at the "Go Deep" part now. That's good. ^ ^ I pray that God will bless their church.

And oh, Yining like dragged me to all of his cell members, and asked them, "How old you think she is?" And they all answered something along the lines of 14, 15, 16. No one guess that I am a third-year poly student. Ahh crap. Is that a good or a bad thing? Am I not suppose to behave that much like a child?

Friday, Night - New Computer!
Yay my new wife came when I was out!! (Earlier than expected.) The is like a damn big-ass 22-inch 1680x1050 pixels. Amazing crap. Love it. Fixed it until like 0300.

Saturday, Afternoon - Transferring files
I like spent the whole day transferring files from my ex-wife to my new one. In two 1GB USB Flash Drives. And what's worse was, the USB ports at the front weren't working, so I had to keep poking it in the back. Annoying like crap. But I played some Granado Espada. =DD And zomg, the graphics for Granado Espada on this comp and screen is like, God-like. I found out that my CPU tower has like, fives fans. Damn imba. (Pardon the use of gaming language.)

So that's the summary. I only posted now, because I saved it as draft and was lazy to edit until now.