Friday, October 08, 2010

Nice, the ADHD kicked in.

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Listening: Kagamine Len - SPICE!
Random Quote: We die every time we hand in our assignments, and resurrect with 1HP directly after that. We recover half of our MaxHP with sleep. Cycle repeats, except recovery is up to a quarter. And then an eighth. And then sixteenth. Until the end of the semester. - Joelynn

I am not sure why. This semester, my ADHD seems to be in full blast. And Joelynn has been taking fish oils regularly most of the time too. Joelynn does not comprehend.
  • She leaves my thumbdrive at home.
  • She also leaves my handphone at home.
  • She misplace assignments in his (now very neat) room. How does that happen?
  • As a result, she leaves some of them out when he scan them.
  • She cannot remember faces.
  • She gets distracted within a third of the time he used to be.
  • Though she read less manga, more dreams are seen and more events take place in his worlds.
  • She cannot remember deadlines for crap.
  • She cannot remember the exact specs of what is required.
  • She forgets if he has eaten something she put in the fridge or not.
  • She forgets to leave for school.

While all that does not affect me that badly (as a person), it will leave it's mark on my grades. One particular marine seal is particularly anal about punctuality and is warning me against failing. And that also causes me to mouth "fuck" to myself regularly. Siiigghh, Joelynn picked up another new bad habit.

I wonder if I could get some proper drugs for ADHD. Fish oil is fine and all, but sometimes desperate times may require desperate measures.