Sunday, March 07, 2010

it was, like a manga panel

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Listening: May'n - Shinkuu no Diamond Crevasse
Reading: Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer Chapter 39

Figured out, that while it is still term break, I ought to blog.

I had planned a rollerblade outing at ECP yesterday. And as I went along inviting the few people I had in mind, those people asked if more people could come, so I the end I became the organizer for a group of 11. Fun =3 (It became a blade-cycle session instead.)

When everyone had returned their bikes, I had an accident.

It was near the rental area, so it was rather crowded. And then the me on blades found myself heading straight for another guy on blades. We both tried to avoid each other... in the same direction. And, epic CRASH. He landed smack on top of me. A guy and a girl crashing into each other result in the guy landing on top. Classic anime moment ain't it? Ta dah.

Thankfully, it was on grass (albeit rather dried up grass). I landed not on my butt, but on my spine. The guy got up first and tried to help me us. I couldn't stand yet, because it hurts, so I told him so. By the time I got up, he had disappeared. I suppose a big group of my friends were around so he thought he wasn't needed and had better make his escape first.

Having experienced an anime moment first-hand, I thought I should record some information:
  1. True - The guy will always land on top.
    He is the bigger and heavier one after all.
  2. False - It leaves the girl a strong impression of the guy.
    I don't even remember how he looks like. Except he has broad shoulders and is wearing black.
  3. False - The guy gets ridiculously happy.
    While I am not a guy, I don't think that is possible because everything happens way too fast.
  4. False - the two will get up rubbing their foreheads.
    Forehead-smashing will not result in that type of fall. Body-smashing WILL. Therefore, the girl should be getting up rubbing their butt (because that is what will hurt).

EDIT: I should have taken his number as Yun Yun suggested. My back still hurts, even after a week. Need to call him for accident report.