Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Shadow of the Caliphate

What it says on the tin. (Yea, I forgot to post until now. ~__~)

The animation project for Semester 3. All animations done in 3 weeks, but 4 people.

Man the monkey is just too sexy. Yeps, all of his scenes are done by me~

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

and He speaks

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Listening: Joey's cello and metronome
Reading: Shibatora Chapter 26
Random Quote: But everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved. — Acts 2:21 [NLT]

Believe in me and you will be saved.

Is this Your reply to me...?

DigiPen and SIT

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Listening: Miyazaki Ayumi - Brave Heart
Eating: Rum Chocolate

I have officially, wasted 2 years, and 33 thousand dollars.

I went down to blade at midnight. Then my stomach kissed the floor and I got a large patch of skin scraped off my elbow. It hurts so much, that one day later, I cried and I cried and cried.

If my mother wasn't there, I might have tried kissing the floor a few more times. Then I might have cried several days later.

I hate this game.

I joined a guild with the promise of gaining a new super-rare weapon. If I payed them 18000gold a year, and trained with them for four years, I could get the super-rare. Two years later, the players who are masters of the land decided to help the guild, so now, the super-rare weapon can be obtained with only 4500gold a year, and training for two years.

And us who are already in the guild? The past two years of training did not exist. We have to start again, and go through another two years. Our 36000gold and 2years have just disappeared because the guild system changed. I could have spent two years in another guild, a guild which specially invited me to join them, doing quests to earn 36000gold instead.

We are just... unlucky.

I hate this game. I am, exceptionally pissed with the GM. It was Him who had recommended me this guild in the first place. I hear that the GM loves the players. And He loves me...? I will wait and see then. GM, I hope I have not spent my 36000gold and 2 years in vain. I am still angry.

I wished someone would PK me already.


My stomach has been hurting from the impact of hitting the ground. But I find the pain comforting. As least it is something I can understand. Everything else is confusing and weird. I cannot understand everything else.