Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I am on a spree!

I took the so-called free time I have now to go crazy on the mangas and some animes. Even though I am plagued by other works and commissions yea. Such an irresponsible person I am.

Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer - manga
This series is ending~!! Chapter 62! Bwaaah, I am envious of you, Yuu-kun.

Durarara! - anime
Unlike Biscuit Hammer, I don't understand why this series is not popular. The author is a really wonderful storyteller.

Deadman Wonderland - manga
Shiro and Ganta combined attack. Now, how awesome is that? I feel sad for Madoka still. I hope there is some way that Shiro could save him.

Durarara! - anime
Yes yes yes story climax! I hope Trollzaya gets owned, though the chances of that happening is low.

Shiki - manga
FUJIRYU * _ * Style too awesome. Plot seems normal enough, but somehow, I am drawn in. Natsuno did something unexpected... And... should I be cheering or booing the HoYay between him and Touru?

House of Five Leaves - anime
For once, I like such a plain and serious anime. The style is just creepy cool. Masa's adorable too, but I think I'm watching it more out of respect for Samurai Champloo.

Arakawa Under the Bridge - manga/anime
Such a whimsical and out of this world manga/anime. SISTER~!! Probably, the first time I've ever adore a cross-dressing man. He is just too cute. "Who names a girl after a helicopter?"

Hellsing - manga / Hellsing Ultimate - anime
I rarely squeal over a girl, but every time Seras appears, I find myself doing so. She's bloody cute, and it's nothing to do with her rack. *fanboys* Of course, Pip is incredibly sexy as well, but since he is now a part of her, it's safe to say that I really like Seras.

The World God Only Knows - manga
And this, has to be my favourite harem manga. Keima is very charming, to me. For his deference to his virtual word and complete disregard for real life. This, is a man after my own heart. ~__~

Soul Eater - manga
I don't even know why. Soul and Maka vs. Giriko? Black☆Star vs. Kid?
And I miss Chrona.

(There are, of course, many other mangas I am reading, but these are those I am especially looking forward to/just finished, in particular.)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The ⑨ bucket list

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Listening: Kagamine Rin And Len - Road Roller
Reading: Walter's post
Random Quote: Many who plan to seek God at the eleventh hour die at ten-thirty. - Christian Proverb

I felt like doing this. They things that are little and insignificant, and even rather random, but I still want to try doing them anyway. Pointless, but if it isn't, it won't be called the Cirno list won't it?

To be done. In progress. Done.
  • Sleep for 24 hours
  • Climb a tree
  • Own a DSLR
  • Talk with autistic people
  • Sing a song and post on YouTube
  • Make a short animation and post on YouTube
  • Be a celebrity on the internet
  • Compose a song
  • Lead worship in a meeting bigger than a cell
  • Play all (main) Touhou games
  • Play at least 50% of Sonic games
  • Meet an online friend from another country
  • Teach a drawing class to children
  • Release a short manga one-shot on my Chinese birthday
  • See the sunset at Changi Beach
  • See the sunrise at Changi Beach
  • Stay in a hospital for a week
  • Wear an eyepatch out
  • Get a scar on my face
  • Rub my art in the face of my Primary school teachers

I guess I will add more stuff when I feel like it.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Somehow I was proposed to...

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Reading: The World God Only Knows - Chapter 102
Random Quote: Can you don't go home? — A kid at the SCC

... by a seven-year-old boy. It went like this:
Boy: Teacher, are you married?
Me: (chuckling) Ah... No, not yet.
Girl: He want to marry you.
Me: Ehh?! Ummm... (turns to boy) You want to marry me?
Boy: (looks away silently)
~___~ And, thus, I have collected another manga-panel-like situation.

I was convinced, for the first time, that things that happen in a shoujo manga can happen in real life. Boy is born with a weak body. He cannot overexert himself: walking too long, running too fast, laughing too loud, getting too exited, any of those or more could get him sent to hospital. His uncle has to carry to him school, because he is too weak to cover the distance from his home with his own two feet.

He has no mother. Why? I don't know. But I know that for this reason, he is easily attached to any woman who seems nice enough. He would hug her and hold her. (That's why the teachers tell his father to clip his nails lest he will scratch them unknowingly.)

Many of the kids in the SCC are from disadvantaged families: poor, single parent, or both. Even for the short amount of time spent there, I could tell, that those children who are missing a mother, are much more sticky and physically affectionate to me, as if to fill in the space left behind by the absent mother. I am not physically a man, or I would have been able to see the empty space caused by an absent father by those who lack one as well.

Sheesh, parents. Please learn to copulate responsibly.

NOTE: I am working part-time, teaching drawing/art at a Student Care Centre where parents who don't have maids park their kids for a day so they can go to work.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

"this does not look like your drawing"

, they said.

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Listening: Rookiez is Punk'd - Complication
Reading: Arago - Chapter 22

(Ya, it is backdated because I forgot to post earlier.)

Drawn as a worksheet of sorts for the upper-primary kids at the SCC. I realise that Beta Centre (Upper Primary) have to be taught differently when compared to Alpha Centre (Lower Primary). Due to too much exposure to Singapore's educational system of too much technicality, too much note-taking and organised topic-by-topic learning. Thus the reason for making these notes.

Felice the witch. I haven't drawn her for a long time. =3 She looks adorable in this style too. XDD

Hawk. As expected of a character whose sight I found annoying the very first time I drew him. And it is rare for a parent to dislike his child, and for me to dislike a character I created. ~__~ But it seems, that his horrible personality have snuck it's way into my drawing again. I think I like him a little more than the Trollzaya. And that's not a lot.

Coloured, for fun.

Those kids first thought I downloaded it off the internet. I said, no, I drew it. Then they said it doesn't look like my drawing. =___= I told them that being an artist is my rice bowl, and knowing a few different styles would make me able to eat not just rice, but noodles, bread and pasta as well. Sssiigh, talking to kids makes me lamer.

Then they went, ah, you're a real artist. =___=

Rawr you little noobs, that's what I've been saying for the past @#$% hours. Though technically, I am not an artist. I am a draftsman. A digital artist. Illustrator. Yea, those.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

i was digging about in my folders

... and I found this. Something I drew last year for something that didn't work out. But he's so cute. XDD

<3 the arm.

This piece is the result of my first time screwing about in Manga Studio EX. I didn't know a lot of things then, so I used a lot of wrong settings/tools/layer/etc. Looking back, I think that's why I am not using it now. >.< I too used to Photoshop I guess.

RAAAGE~!! (Clients are stupid. Always.)

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Watching: Alvin and the Chipmunks
Reading: Clients From Hell

So I emailed someone who previously invited me to apply to a job at her company, for a part-time job in the holidays.

[insert correspondence here]

She says:
I will be an "intern". She will pay me $500 per month. I will have to get my butt down to Kallang from 0930 to 1830 every Monday to Friday.

Like, seriously? I have a Diploma you know. And even intern saikang warriors at Lucas get paid more than that. I should be getting more than this miserable MacDonalds pay.