Monday, February 16, 2009

Baccano! is good, essays are bad.

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Listening: 周迅 - 外面
Watching: Scrapped Princess Episode 1

I have been wanting to write about some things for a long time, but haven't been able to sit down. Well, now I have. I guess I'll recount in reverse chronological order:

Sunday, 15 Feb
My parents are back from Malaysia. My dad said that his sister, has been having dreams of my dead grandpa (their father). In one of those dreams, he told her "You are useless." And when she told my grandma about that dream, my grandma agreed with her. I feel like slapping my grandma on the back for a job well done, but I held back out of "respect" for my aunt. XDD (Like hey, she was in Malaysia, my aunt is in Malaysia, and wtf...? You guys ate reunion dinner without her, and left her alone in her apartment? WTF. Don't you know how lonely she is?)

Saturday, 14 Feb
Baccano! is good. I am in love with Claire Stanfield. So cute.

Friday, 13 Feb
My lecturer kept harping on my inability to look people in the face. (It hurts to look at faces, for me, and for some other autists and etc.) And on Albert's voice (English is not his mother tongue - you should hear him speak Bahasa). Acting module. Arrrggh we know our weaknesses already, stop telling us about it. Albert is so cute. When we look through they videos, I can't stand the sight of myself and want to look away. Bert can't stand the sound of his voice and wants to stuff his ears.

Thursday, 12 Feb
I would smack Japher on the head (oh, I already did) if he wasn't a fifteen-year-old brat. Saying that he hates all "retarded" people. He better not be serious when he says he wants to burn his brother (who has Asperger's).

Tuesday, 10 Feb
A person spoke something, which frightened me a little.

Monday, 09 Feb
I had a dream. There were three birds/winged creatures. Their time passes differently from mine. I met the teenage them first, then the children them, then the adult ones. They were males and quite human. One was yellow, one was green, one was red.

Sunday, 08 Feb
Second week of no children ministry duty, and I miss my kids terribly. Uwaahhh. I miss not wrestling with them who are always biting/clawing/groping/hugging/dancing/head-butting/pulling hair/touching my face/asking to be carried.

Saturday, 07 Feb
The chalet for CJ's 21st birthday. I bought him a Gurren Lagann cup!! *is proud of present*

Thursday, 05 Feb
I amaze myself. I woke up early enough to send Cheri-sama off to Perth.

Wednesday, 04 Feb
I went out to take photos for an assignment. I scared myself. It seems that I am more afraid of people than I thought. I feel ball-ess. (Ughh, oh yea, I had none to begin with.)

Tuesday, 03 Feb
My body has gotten quite horrible. It appears that I am now allergic to certain kinds of artificial flavourings. It didn't use to be like that. Anyway, things like that inflicts the status: Hyperactive on me, which, while fun, is horrify. I can't concentrate on anything at all, because there are over 9000 thoughts/smells/sounds/memories/senses going through my mind. And I also can't sleep at all, because there are over 9000 thoughts/smells/sounds/memories/senses going through my mind. Even honey triggers that status. And I only took 5 spoons!!

Sunday, 01 Feb
I miss my kids. I want to see the adorable girl who is so like me in the Attention Deficit Disorder sense. (Missing the H bit, thank God.) She's too young for doctor's to tell, but I also think she has Angelman's Syndrome, by the way. Which of course, buffs her with 4x Cuteness.

Saturday, 31 Jan
Mahjong = awesome.