Monday, February 26, 2007


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I sms-ed Cheryl and Hamster saying:
; _ ; LS sms-ed me sounding so cheerful and nice and normal... My conscience is pricking.

Hamster replied:


(Will update this post with Cheryl's reply.) Okay, Cheryl didn't reply.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

I like my voice when I just wake up. It sounds retarded.

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Listening: ALI PROJECT - Baragoku Otome
Watching: My crap-o-la playblasts of Scene 3

No the title doesn't have anything to do with what I am here to rant about.

It was just that yesterday morning, I woke up with a funny voice, sounding the same as the voice I had on Sunday morning. Ant says it sounds whiney. Lao Pa says it sounds like my body is walking whilst my soul is in bed. And Lao Ma says it was act-cute-till-pukable. But it just sounds very funny to me. I wish I could record it, and then play it to myself when my voice is normal and laugh about it.

Today (or rather: this week), Saru finally understood why Lee Yeung dislikes LS so much. ~@#$%^&* Saru will write in point form.
  1. She scolds me for msn-ing, both Cheryl and I for going on headphones with music, but she herself opens a safari window for online shopping.

  2. She spends an hour whining at Cheryl to take over her scene, claiming she sucks at 3D animation, and that my rig sucks. While it is true that my rig sucks, but, if Cheryl can do it, why can't she? (Besides, whose rig doesn't suck?)

  3. Yesterday, there was a briefing for students who are selected to go the the interview to stay at Gobelins (Paris). When Mr Eugene said that Gobelins needed Character Animators, Hamster heard her say: "Oh, I love character animation!" WTH.

  4. Obviously she CAN do animation. She is the TOP STUDENT, for goodness sake.

  5. She can really slack. On thursdays, her schedule was: 9am breakfast. 11am late breakfast. 3pm lunch. 6pm dinner. 9pm supper. And according to Hamster, each time she goes out for a meal, it would be for an hour.

  6. She has an even lower EQ than I do. She comes back after the 1.5hr dinner, then bugs us with "You guys show Jacques the animation?" "Yea." "Why never call me??!!" "What for? You didn't animate any scenes." "Awww..... Still must call me what, I want to know what you guys are doing..." "You didn't do animation, so even if you see sometimes your comments won't work." "What did Jacques say then?" "A few changes, that's all." "What kinda changes?" "Minor changes." "Like what kind lar?" "Erm you expect us to tell you that the butt is supposed to shift right instead of left?" Like for goodness sake, the 3 of us are FRIGGIN' TIRED already.

  7. After that, she looked through Cheryl's Scene 2 and asks "Where is my walk cycle?! Why did you redo it?!" "Because yours had something wrong. "No it was okay!! Weilun looked through and says it was good!!" "You replaced my walk, and I feel like I have wasted my time animating it..." "It didn't fit in with the scene......" "Why not?! Weilun says can one!!" And after that, Hamster and I couldn't take it anymore, and left the room, abandoning Cheryl to the claws of the evil one. -.-

  8. That same day, all she had to do was to do a poster. She kept asking Hamster a lot of things, as though she is lazy to used her own brain. And she couldn't even finish it within that day. She behaved as though whatever she was doing was a big deal, when I could do whatever she did in 3 hours, Cheryl in an hour, Hamster in 15 minutes. (Cheryl is fast because she is good at being ultra cheapo, and Hamster herself is the queen of 2D.

  9. Yesterday morning, she complained and nagged to Hamster about the two of us being late. (I came at 12, Cheryl came at 1.) Hamster said she felt like telling her that, "They are late because they are tired. You are the reason why they are so exhausted lor. They stayed over the day before to cover up for your work leh." And she kept distracting Hamster by talking about the things she see online shopping, and other pointless talk. Hamster was on the verge of insanity. She was damn relieved when I came. XDD

Really, what LS is doing is upsetting the rest of our group. Cheryl was boiling in anger for the most of the time - Hamster and I prevented her from blowing her top off at LS, for the sake of our project, telling her she can do so after our presentation. Hamster keeps teetering to keep a sound mind to prevent herself going mad. I get annoyed by her, and I don't like to see Cheryl and Hamster feeling the way they are.

At any rate, as the leader, I was forced had to make the decision about what to do with her. So I decided that we would just keep our peace and write the credits ACCORDING TO EACH PERSON'S WORK.

LS annoyed me again. I talked to Lee Yeung to cool off. It feels comfortable to talk to Lee Yeung na. Saru wants a big brother like him. And Yong Ming can be my pet little brother. Whaha.

Neeways, I told Lee Yeung what happened, and he told what me what's going on. LS finally feels a litttle isolated from the three of us, so she approaches me to ask what if she has done anything wrong, that she knew she was mean by shouting at us, and if there is anything she can do to help. Lee Yeung says that is her pattern: Only when there's nothing left for her to do because she has pushed away all her share of work, she will start to realize that her team members are avoiding her (because we are unhappy about her, duh), and of all the people to approach, she would look for because I am the softest.

And truth be told, I would have been swayed to feel sorry, had Lee Yeung not told me that. -.- I was the last person in the group (if not, the whole animation cohort who know her well enough) to know this ugly side of her. Cheryl and Lee Yeung are always telling me, "She take advantage of you you also dunno! You must learn!! Cannot always be so blur!!" Now Saru gets what they mean. ^ ^

It is strange though, that she doesn't even know what she did to make us flee from her like plague. Saru is like that too na. I wouldn't know what I did was wrong and would ask people to explain. But what is funny is that whatever Saru asks, people would be patient and nice enough to explain it to me. No one feels like explaining anything to LS though. I wonder why. I wanted to explain too, but I was scared to say anything wrong. And then it'll make her dwell on the matter and we won't get any work done.

Hmm to sum up the matter, LS is: super selfish, uber slacker, the epitome of low EQ with the most rock bottom of self-awareness. (At least Saru is self-aware, I know I am naive and etc.)

On a lighter note, Mr Jacques gave me a pack of Raspberry sweets today!! Because offered him a sweet, and he saw the whole pack I had on my table and say "Oohhh so you like sweets a lot!" Then he went back to his office and got a pack of sweets for me. So sweet of him na. ^ ^ The pack had french words on it, and he said they came from Canada. The sweets are french-canadian, just like he is!! XDD Funny thing is, when I tell everyone the sweets are from Jacques, every single one had the same response "Are you sure they are not poisoned?" Bwahahaa.

And on an annoying record, I have been asked the same question THREE TIMES this month. It must be because of Valentine's Day. "How come you don't have a boyfriend yet? You're very cute what." =____= DO I LOOK LIKE THE SORT WHO WOULD SURELY HAVE A BOYFRIEND??!!! Zomg.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Camp. Yay.

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Listening: Onmyouza - Kouga Ninpou Chou
Watching: Cheryl's playblast of SP4 scene1

I'm camping in school today. LS has fallen asleep already. Cheryl's animating the first scene. Hamster's at home since her dad doesn't allow her to stay.

And Saru's rigging. Yesh, my MSN nick says: rigging and paint weight are both evil. Lychee's says: And SP4 is the root of all evil.

But it has been fun though! ^ ^ My body likes the adrenaline produced by stress. XDD And I have formed a close personal bond with the mac. It is now refered to as "MY comp". Mwaha.

I have been given the role of sabotaged into being the leader. But my group is a cool group, most of the time they are worried that they're not doing enough, so it's easy to assign tasks.

I rig really slow. Three times over. First time due to forgetting to unwrap. Second and third due to an extra joint. Fourth time I had the (very wonderful) Jacques teach me, so I got it right. But no one screams at me or complain since they all can't rig. I'm the only one who knows how to rig/paint weight.

Oh, Cheryl's watching anime. Her turn to rest too.

Back to work now. =)

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


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Listening: Hajime Chitose - Kataritsugu Koto
Reading: Job 5: 17-27 [CEV]

Nope that wasn't just some random left-to-right hitting of keys on my keyboard. Search for "ASD" on Wikipedia and it's one of those things there.

Speaking about that, I just checked myself against the list of things there. I scored 5/8 for Social, 4/11 for Language, 1/5 for the imagination/adherence (yayness, lowest one heh) and 2/4 for Sensory. I wonder if I've gotten any better.

Let's see, today we talked a lot during dinner. It was fun since I got to know everyone better. ^ ^ Maybe except for Lychee, since I've been hearing her talk for a long time. Not like the rest are less talkative, but they just speak of serious stuff less often.

Lee Yeung's question just reinforced the fact of how abstract "love" is to me. And I think crap oh noes I want to have children so much, but what happens if I am as apathetic as I am now? What if I don't understand why my children feel a certain way? I can't always go to my mother and ask "How will a normal person think?" - right? And what is my husband is frustrated with my stupidity and inability to experience and comprehend "normal" human emotions? Will he still be a good father?

How do I know what is "love" neeways? I like a lot of people. I like Hamster CJ Clara Joan Joyce Cheryl LS Lychee Meiyun Amirah Yong Ming Lee Yeung Walter Edmund Daryl Joshua Sarah Li Siong Shihan Adrian Kirsten Jean Xiaojun Jasmine Mayeeeeeeeee Charlotte Sandy LaoPa LaoMa Bu (Ant) Yee Romie. Do those count as "love"?

Lameness. Saru has nothing better to think about. But neeways, God gives me a nice verse (a whole paragraph, actually), so yay I WILL have descendants. XDD

I realize Daryl is very honest, and I really like him. Lychee and Lee Yeung can really talk a lot, and I found myself having something to say, but being unable to speak them out because my response is slow. My brains lags when it comes to social interaction and is at sonicspeed with Mathematics and HTML. (Speaking of Maths, I saw my sister doing differentiation with all the dy and dx... OMG I want to take A Maths again!! RAWR.)

Daryl comments that closing my eyes and walking while holding on the person in front makes me vulnerable. But I don't think so since Lychee and Lee Yeung won't bang me into a lamp post on purpose. So I wonder what he means...

ASD!! It also stands for Auto-Shutdown. Unofficially one of the characteristics of ASD as observed by child psychologist. The habit of when, facing any form of stress which one wants to avoid, justing shutting down to sleep immediately as an effective form of escapism. Escape from thinking about what will happen when I grow older BY SLEEPING!!!

^ _ ^ Oyasumi.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

February's to-look-forward-to

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My team is a great team, we can win!! =DD LS and Hamster would do the painting and animation (I think). And Cheryl the reel and post-production. And Saru is the modeler for my team, as well as monster designer. Fun, right?

Like what Hamster's MSN nick said: What Morals?! ITZ THE GREENS!!!! FOR THE PRIZE MONEY!!!!

MOONNNEEEEYYYYYY. Saru so hopes that we win~


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Listening: M.H. - This Illusion
Watching: Code Geass Episode 16

Because I realize I suck at keeping to promising to update, I have decided to just post random stuff about whatever that came to my mind. That of course, meant leaving aside for good the already uber-long entry I had wanted to post with a lot of emo-crap.

The only bit of randomness I have left over from December is that, after the Casting Crowns concert, Joanne said I was cute. XDD And really, getting an honest compliment from Ant is one of the hardest thing in the world. "It easier for a camel to go through the eye of the needle..." Ho ho ho. She said it by accident, but whatever it is, I caught it.

The randomness from January was this: I'm the only one left un-attached. CJ and Xav both have their girlfriends. Yay for the coming Singles Awareness Day (14 February)!!

January/February's noteworthy: For the first time in like, four semesters, I actually have the time to slack a bit during Week 16 and 17. Like usually, I'll be an undead monkey (Zombie Lupin) drowning in end-of-semester schoolwork, but this time round I finished everything on time. Whahahahaha.

And oh, my MSN nick for this period is: Eyebags must be the latest in fashion. Everyone's having them. I have caught a little lame-ness off CJ.