Sunday, September 20, 2009

10 Characters, 20 Questions

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I am not slacking... I am de-stressing. My email is being retarded to me.

From here. Using my own original characters... so this post is mostly for my own entertainment. (Randomizer helped me pick out only ten characters. >.<) There there, nothing interesting, move along.
  1. Blaze
  2. David
  3. Mick
  4. Demon Rhys
  5. King Emrys
  6. Artemis
  7. Hawk
  8. Rose Meyrer
  9. Emerson
  10. Celeste

1) Characters 4, 9 and 10 are at an arcade. What game do they choose to play, and who wins?
Rhys, Emerson, Celli. Something the involves punching, since two of the three of them are violent people. Emerson won't play, since he's an A.I. program without body. But I think Celli will win, because Rhys will spoil the machine.

2) Make up an e-mail address for 6.
Art. Alino is her online pseudonym.

3) If 8 had an iPod or some kind of music player, what kinds of songs would you find in it?
Rose. Classical piano ensemble pieces, with all the allegro, vivace and animato. She is a cheerful person.

4) What would you do if 9 suddenly paid you a visit?
Emerson. YES all my computer and programming problems solved! Woohoo! I'll copy him and download him to my comp.

5) Do you think 6 and 4 are made for each other?
Rhys and Art. They make good friends, and Rhys is quite fond of her, but no, he's not stupid enough to touch her. (Her children will kill him.)

6) 1 challenges 3 to a no-holds-barred duel. Who will win and how?
Blaze and Mick. Blaze is way stronger (mweeheehee fire!!), but Mick will win. Because Blaze has a crush on her.

7) 7, 2 and 1 order a pizza. What toppings does each one request, and what do the others think of the choices?
Blaze, David and Hawk. Blaze will ask for a lot of peppers. David will not touch the green peppers. He's autistic, and really hates green. Hawk just eats whatever. He's a jack-of-all-traits man.

8) What subject would 1 teach if s/he were a teacher/professor? Would s/he be good at it?
Rose. Music. Duh, she's a pianist. And she's teach well, because she is old, and kind and really patient.

9) 5 and 10 go on their first date. Where would they go, and what would they do?
Emrys and Celli? (Both girls.) I don't know, they are both not very open people. But being the politician she is, Emrys will probably ask about Celli's life and family and home and etc. Celli will end up talking about her sister, and Emrys might see the similarity between her husband (Rhys) and her.

10) 8 sings karaoke and dedicates a song to 7. What song would s/he dedicate and why?
Rose and Hawk. .... What? Who will want to dedicate a song to that ... ...? Okay, Rose is a nice person, so she'll just sing a lullaby.

11) How would 8 court 6?
Rose and Art. EHHH. She will cook for Art I guess. Art loves food.

12) Describe the relationship between 2 and 8 in the canon. Would you change it? Why?
David and Rose. WHY KEEP USING 8 LAR. Canon is, they have never met it other and never will. Not changing.

13) In your list, who do you think is the perfect match for 3 and why?
Mick. Obviously, I am rooting for Blaze. Go GO GO!!

14) 2 has a dream where 10 tells him/her to save 1, who is facing certain doom. What would 2 do?
David dreams Celli tells him to save Blaze. He does nothing. He doesn't listen to people who he is not familiar with. And he does not have the ability to comprehend death or impending doom.

15) 9 and 6 are about to get married, until 3 crashes their wedding and abducts 9 against his/her will. 6 follows them, but must forge an uneasy alliance with his/her archrival, 1. They must then hijack some form of transportation from 8 in order to get to 3's lair, where they must fight against 3's evil zombified minions. What will happen next?
Emerson and Emrys marrying, Mick crashes...? Emrys must ally with Blaze, and steal transport from Rose. ... ... ... ... Being the pragmatic person, I can imagine Emrys politically marry Emerson for her country or something. AND Mick probably kidnapped Emerson because he is a really useful program to have. Emrys will have no problem approaching Blaze (since she IS a politician and he's pretty much a yes-man). Rose will lend them the transport willingly, because it is fun to see what "kids nowadays" do. In the end, Mick will make a copy of Emerson and everyone is happy. The End. (WTH.)

16) 8 receives a gift from 9. Does s/he open it or not? If so, what is inside?
Rose and Emerson. Rose won't know how to open file attachments. She's not tech-savvy y'know. But her husband probably can. And the file will be something sent by Emerson's master, like a proposal or request or information.

17) 4 is walking home when s/he sees a cute fluffy creature, which promptly begins rubbing itself against his/her legs. Will s/he kick it away, or take it home?
Rhys. He takes it home, and dumps it on Emrys' lap. And she'll be the one looking after it. Tsk, he is that irresponsible.

18) 8 is dared by 4 to strip while pole-dancing in front of 7. Write a short dialogue about this.

19) What smiley/emoticon would best describe 5?
Emrys. ' - ' I don't know. She rarely shows any emotion.

20) If you had the chance to rewrite 1's life, how would you change it?
Blaze. I don't write his life. He lives his own life. I'm just the biographer, not the God. I'm the moderator, not the admin.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Daniel Chien's advice for successful marriages

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3 "L"s
for the husband
3 "S"s
for the wife

In other news, let's laugh at Malaysia, again. Chilli crab is theirs? Liek real. Kiam par lah. *flame flame flame* This is going to be fun.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

need more STR stats

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*sprouts a chain of vulgarities in english/hokkien/chinese/malay*

I. Am. Irritated.

1 - SN

Today, is probably one of the most hectic days in my serving of the Special Needs kids. Joseph tries to play with the normal kids: they shout "siao arh" at him. Jia Hui is all mine today. Joseph doesn't like sharing me so he pulls my hair and steals my specs three times more often than usual. Shivam screamed about. Chain reaction. Elisha cries/whines loudly. Joshua is about to go off too. Everyone busy with the autistic boys, the ADHD one and the Downs Syndrome one and the girl is left to me. Joash disturbs Jia Hui. Joseph breaks/tears puzzle pieces. Joseph and Joash both climb on me. Jia Hui leaves to find more puzzles. I chase her, Joseph breaks more puzzles. I scold him, he laughs, Joash scolds him.

Bah. Whatever it is, any first-timer to SN will get scared off and swear never to return here.

That's what I really hate about SN. I don't dislike the kids, they are cute =3 But I dislike how other people do not want to serve with them. After being with them for 2 plus years, I can see why. It's hard to the fruits of our labour. Our kids don't respond. They are violent. They are noisy. They don't even acknowledge your existence. The don't seem to get better. They are always as dependent as ever.

I cannot help but think that whenever other leaders look at our corner of screaming, "misbehaving" kids, they think something along the lines of "Thank God our kids are not like that". But guys, we are all women here. We are not that strong. Our boys getting bigger in size, and their hormones are functioning like any normal boy their age, even if their minds do not. What can we do?

God, I need to rely on you for strength. But please, also send some guys our way. We have been asking for guys, for the past years, and some have come, stayed, and left. Others come and left instantly. I am disappointed. I know it is not easy to serve these kids. That's why, God, send someone strong. I petition sincerely.

(On a related note: Divorce rates amongst couples with Special Needs children are really high. And, DUH, it is the mother who ends up raising the children. ALL YOU GUYS HAVE LESS BALLS THAN US GIRLS.)

2 - GB

My timetable changed. Third revision. All my lessons are now in the afternoon. Even if I am able to teleport, I have only 1 hour to spend. So I cannot serve GB anymore.

What, maybe I'm not worthy to be an officer. I'm pretty weak of a person, that much I know.

For now, I'll look forward to carrying my photocopier puzzle-tracked mind girl in two weeks time. Only one day, and I miss GKidz already.