Wednesday, January 28, 2009


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Listening: Relient K - Devastation and Reform
Watching: Baccano! Episode 3
Reading: Usagi Drop Chapter 12

I discovered, I am still very uncomfortable with talking to people one-on-one in a room where no one else is around. It is quite weird na. Not that I don't enjoy it. I don't mind company. I like people. Just that, sit-beside-you-to-talk is weird. I don't mind physical contact, really. It is the verbal questions I mind.

The last I time remembered something like that was like... five years ago in Sec 3. (In Poly, you won't be in a room with only one other person, hardly.)

Thank goodness though, that person is not a girl asking me questions about me. I don't like questions like that. Because I hear them too often? Browser strategy games make better conversation topics.

Mmmrrgggh. I think I am just being an ass.

And I ate prawn omelette on Saturday, thinking it'll be fine. Like hey, if I get a reddish nose/ears/neck, it will wear off after chinese new year right?

WRONG. The prawns... they were, very, very fresh. If I ate anymore, asthma~!! *sucks on brown inhaler*

Greedy me.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


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Listening: Relient K - Up and Up

Joanne said she wished she could be a boy. Because her two guy friends are staying over, together, again.

I laughed. Laughed. Because it was really funny.

Dear sister, you have said something I have been praying to God about, for the last 11- no, 12 years.


Monday, January 12, 2009

Not Even Wrong

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Listening: Epik High - Fan

Title: Not Even Wrong: Adventures in Autism
Author: Paul Collins
Call Number: 618.92

(It is not a book review. It is me taking notes before I return the book to the library.)

The first recorded autist was probably Peter the Wild Boy. He was dumped by his parents for not being able to talk. He was found in the wild at 12 years old and taken to King George.

The dude who came out with the Linnaean taxonomy classified the kid as a different species all together, Homo ferus. Imagine the lulz if there are really two distinct species of humans. All the Homo sapiens sapiens would kill themselves sooner or later in frustration and become extinct and the world will be filled with Homo ferus.

......... *bursts out laughing on the floor*

Nothing to do with the book, I answered "Anne" for the Sally-Anne Test. Ahahahaha. Oops. But okay, I changed my answer later.

A survey of a thousand British parents of autistic children in comparison to that of neurotypical children showed that there were double the number of engineering fathers, a hell lot more with jobs involving science and accounting (solo-ist type jobs), and quadruple the number of artists. At Cambridge, science major students have autism in their family six times more than literature major students. WhatifImarryanengineer -Kolkolkolkolkol

That does explain why there are most autists nowadays. Dong dong dong dong... There are more engineers and matheticians and programmers now than before, no?

Computers came from a dude who was suspected to have Asperger's. The author gave a talk at Microsoft, and the programmer guys were on their notebooks, looking at the screen, instead of watching him. They were watching a live podcast of his talk, even with him right in front of them. Epic-ness.

I understand that bit well. It is hard to look at people. Like it hurts. Ummm, my secondary schoolmates can attest to it, I think. They were complaining to me about it last week. XDD

And regarding savantism, there is an interesting explanation. When a kid is about 2 years old, his/her brain forms neural connections at an imba speed, and many of these connections are kinda "redundant" or hetare. Then at 3 years old, it's pruning time!! Chop chop chop. So lucky autistic guys with savants get pruned differently, and therefore maintain their rare neural connections, enabling them with hax hearing/artistic/calculation/etc skills. I think it also comes with screwed up senses of touch/hearing/smell/whatever.

And here ends fun note-taking. Also, I am NOT autistic. I only have adhd. And certain characteristic of the autism spectrum. Na nana nananana.

Other authors I plan to check out: Thinking in Pictures by Temple Grandin (what a cool name), Uta Frith and Simon Baron-Cohen. As usual, I might not really do so if they are not tl;dr enough. I have a short attention span.