Friday, September 24, 2010

roleplay character portraits

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Listening: Sound Horizon - Utsuku shiki Mono
Reading: Lamentable Nights: The RP

We restarted our RP at the NNK forums!! We're going reeeaally slow this round, making stuff clean and easy to follow. We have a user friendly wikia too!!

I tried to be funny this time, so I rendered these with Alias Sketchbook. (Yes, it is Alias, screw Autodesk.)

Varian Durer, my second PC, also a hidden character of sorts that will probably not show up at all, given the speed we are going at. (He also has a sister called Constance and a brother called Equates. Hail Mathematics!!)

My main PC. She's pretty much the same as in the previous failed RP. She's also an expy of an old character, Alex. So cute. =3 *sparkles*